Some Of Our Succcessful Outcomes

My name's Jacob and I've been living at The Fourth Dimension sober house for two and a half months. While here I took the suggestions from the House Manager and fellow residents and applied them in my daily life. I came here filled with shame, regret, and fear. My family wanted nothing to do with me, I had a dead-end job, and virtually no friends to speak of. In the short amount of time I've spent here, I've gained a new relationship with my parents, friends I can call day or night, people that actually care about my well-being. By following the simple steps and suggestions laid at my feet, my life has improved tremendously. The joy, comfort, and serenity I have today is more than I could have hoped for. I cannot wait to see what else is in store for me.

Jacob C.

I was very skeptical about moving into a sober living environment. I didn't think I needed to be constrained by rules and limitations. My perception was very skewed. Rather than being held back, The Fourth Dimension has helped me grow in ways I didn't think possible. Having fun while sober is something I did not know existed and being so close to the beach there are tons of things to do with great people. The Fourth Dimension promotes fun, making it impossible to be miserable. Being around such a positive support group has been an amazing experience. I was very worried about employment but with the help of members of the house I got a job within hours of moving in. The companionship here is unparalleled. House mates are always there for support, helping me strive to become a better person myself. I cannot think of a better place to maintain sobriety and enjoy life to its fullest. While The Fourth Dimension is an amazing place to live, it also encourages me to grow so I can move on with my life to live independently.


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